Get Extra Storage On Your iPhone And Keep It Protected !

Mophie is best known for their battery cases for smartphones but recently they released the Space Pack, designed to increase your iPhone’s storage space!


Mophie CaseDespite being known for their “Juice Packs”, Mophie has reached in to a new realm with their Space Pack. The Space Pack is available in a 16 GB ($150) and 32 GB ($180) and is designed to increase your iPhone’s storage capacity. The 16 GB case will double the storage space of your iPhone where the 32 GB will triple your storage space.

Using the Space app, users can utilize the Space Pack to increase storage space to store music, photos, movies and to manage files while allowing for more space on the iPhone itself. With the Space Pack users also don’t need be connected to a data network in order to access files stored in the pack.

iPhone users will be able to get their hands on the Mophie Space Pack as of March 14 and to date it will be the only option that is not cloud based for expanding your iPhone storage…excepting purchasing a new phone.

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