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Straitjacket for Your iPhone

There’s not much you can do once your iPhone starts talking to itself and begins making vague threats about killing hookers. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to keep an eye on your unhinged device, but ownership laws say otherwise. This straitjacket-like Strap-On iPhone case seems like it’ll keep your phone pretty much stationary. No more all-night benders. No more sleeping ...

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Awesome Bukkake iPhone Case

Graffiti design company Krink has followed up their paint drip Incase laptop sleeve with a similarly-designed case for the iPhone 3G. Incase sold Krink’s laptop sleeve online, but for now this phone case is just a one-of-a-kind prototype. This case is pretty cool, even though it does set you up to be the punchline of some very dirty jokes. Hypebeast ...

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