PRISM Protection on Egnyte’s Cloud Service

As we migrate away from hardcopy and paper files and data, a new migration process has started to appear in that more and more companies are moving away from storing company data locally and choosing, instead, to use cloud services.

Some say it’s already a crowded industry with companies such as Box and Dropbox already cornering the marketplace, however enterprise-focused file sharing company Egnyte have got a new approach. Focusing almost entirely on the business, Egnyte’s hybrid approach to their cloud service combines the ease of file sharing with the security and ease of running in-house systems.


What are the risks?

Cloud storage provides many companies and businesses with an easy and convenient way to share files and data, without having to be in the office or remotely accessing the company’s server. Yet, many companies shy away from migrating to cloud-based file sharing due to the security risks involved.

Naturally, a lot of sensitive data is likely to go into the cloud, and few companies are happy to run the risk of losing vital data – from customer names to deal documents or anything else that the company would prefer to keep strictly confidential.

Following the recent revelations of the NSA’s prying eyes, many are more resistant than ever to let their data leave the premises or company server and instead, choosing to keep them on lock-down.

The Hybrid Approach

CEO of Egnyte, Vineet Jain, believes that companies and business should feel secure in storing their data in the cloud, which is why Egnyte’s hybrid approach to the cloud service offers a way of easily sharing files whilst simultaneously keeping data inside the firewall and the cloud.

Egnyte’s new product, Storage Connect makes files readily shareable and categorises them so that sensitive data never leave’s the company network.

Files are flagged as different types to distinguish their security level. Green files can be stored inside the cloud, yellow files are kept inside the file for archival purposes and red files – considered the most private and sensitive – are kept behind the firewall.

PRISM Protection

Setting the company apart from other cloud service companies, Egnyte have announced their PRISM Protection program. The program is designed to detect any unauthorised file sharing and content, with the company’s own IT department monitoring movement with a list of approved users.

The program monitors all file-sharing and is able to detect cloud-only file sharing service that could potentially pose a threat to the company.

Ultimately, the service offers companies the ease of cloud file-sharing services with an added layer of security for data and files too sensitive to reside inside the cloud. In addition, sensitive data cannot be shared even if the government serves a disclosure order – which most cloud services are subject to complying with – as the data is still residing on the company’s own systems.

Ultimately, Egnyte are offering a unique service that allows companies round-the-clock access that’s easier to use than traditional VPNs, whilst also keeping the most sensitive date secure on the company’s infrastructure.

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