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How Cold Data Storage Works

For companies with high volumes of data and digital records, cold data storage is a cost-efficient solution for holding on to everything from legal documents to compliance data. If your company or enterprise operation requires additional data storage but doesn’t need to access files actively, cold data storage can prove to be a valuable asset. You’ll need to speak with ...

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No Disk Space: Understanding Your Data Storage Options

Business information such as documents, emails, presentations, graphics, databases, spreadsheets, and audio files is the lifeblood of most small businesses. However, the applications required to operate and protect the sensitive information of your business may often consume a higher capacity of your disk space. Besides this, numerous trends are creating the need for having ample disk storage: As a legal ...

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PRISM Protection on Egnyte’s Cloud Service

As we migrate away from hardcopy and paper files and data, a new migration process has started to appear in that more and more companies are moving away from storing company data locally and choosing, instead, to use cloud services.

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