Geekify Your Car’s Audio System


If you sit around, rummaging through the internet all day, odds are that, like me, you can’t afford a sound system in your car which you can be proud of. Not that I listen to tunes with thumping bass anyway (don’t listen to him, yeah he does), but at least I can support my geeky ego with a self-modified system.

You see what this clever auto geek did here? Instead of some flashy amp system, he’s built-in a PC’s CD-ROM drive into the car’s dashboard, complete with sponge shock protection. So technically, his car has one up on the MacBook Air. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. wow, that reminds me of when i wanted to install a car stereo in the extra cd-rom bay in my computer….you know what?…i still wanna do that, hmmmm

  2. Pioneer makes some fine stereos with mp3 cd support and auxiliary input for under $200, and Omega has a great self-contained sub unit (meaning it doesn’t require a separate amp) for about $300. My computer is worth more than my car, but my car’s sound is much more powerful. 155 watt 5.1 system on my computer is rather inferior to the ~500 watts my car is capable of.

  3. many’s the time I’ve wondered if a car head unit would fit into a 5.25″ bay on my PC … sadly this shows it wouldn’t be the case 🙁

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