Future Car Technologies to Raise all Hopes!


With the increasing advancement of car technologies around the world there has been an increasing demand of a large number of private cars. Moreover the busy schedule and high paying jobs of the humans open allows them to buy personal vehicles. Owning a private vehicle is now necessity rather than being a luxury, as it was during the earlier days. The rate at which technology is changing the configuration of the personal transportation accelerates every year. The prime motive is not based on improving the comfort of the vehicles but to convert the four wheelers into a carriage humanoid. Some of the technologies regarding automation will be seen alive rather than being in the pages of science fiction books. Here is the list of 5 future car technologies which can be seen in the in the upcoming generation:

  1. Autonomous vehicle: most of us have seen or visualized autonomous transport systems in comic books cartoons and several other science fiction movies. But today, the technology has improved to such an extent that it is well obvious about creating such an exceptional outbreak. The use of sensors has allowed the scientists to launch autonomous vehicles by the year 2020. We will have cars capable of being fully automatic in certain circumstances. The scientists also claim that there will be a reduction in the amount of yearly accidental deaths since the cars will be hundred percent efficient in avoiding a clash.
  2. Driver override systems: this technology might be seen very unethical and you might think that the car will disregard your commands and make its own decisions. But the fact is, this technology can only be used by the cars at the time of immediate responses. Application of brakes, steering the wheel towards safer area prior to the accident, etc are incorporated in this technology which will benefit the driver at the time of taking quick decisions.
  3. Safer vehicle access: present day cards are unlocked or started by using a key or voice command. But both of the above can be copied and the car can be accessed by a non owner. However, the future cars provide safer access and security systems attached to your car by providing you with lock systems which will open by having your fingerprint or by scanning your eyeball, that is, retina scanners.
  4. Vehicle tracking: vehicle tracking is another very important technology, since it will help in catching any fraud personality by just locating his car using the GPS system. This will also help the family members to locate and track their children. Hence, safety is ensured through comprehensive vehicle tracking technology in future.
  5. Active health monitoring systems: Most of the car developing companies have perceived the idea of the special type of smart seat belts and steering wheels which will be directly linked to the cell phone of the driver. The seat belt will have a sensor which will check the rate of heartbeat of the driver. In any case if the rate is not normal or if the driver faces a heart failure the seat belt will automatically send a message regarding the patient and his or her location.


There are also many other upcoming future technologies which will be installed in the cars which will transform our way of living. Keep trust on technology, keep faith in humanity.

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