Fully Functional LEGO Sniper Rifle

Kids love their LEGOs, no doubt about it. But somethings are better left for us mature and responsible adults. Well, as mature and responsible as you can be while at the same time building stuff like this LEGO Sniper Rifle. Built using LEGO Technics, Jack Streat created this full functioning Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle, and by fully functioning, we mean it shoots LEGO bricks pretty accurately within a few feet.

While I’m pretty sure Osama bin Laden no need worry about this rifle invading his remote cave luxury suite, infants take heed. This is one of the easiest weapons to choke on since Pixos hit the scene. Hit the jump for a video demo.


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  1. Well I would say I want one, but meh I’m too lazy to put one together. Also possessing one of these would probably get you five years jail time in the UK

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