Granny’s Got a Gun: Sniper Rifle Peephole Decal

Being a widower is no picnic. Sure, the pension money is nice (what’s left of it), but then there’s just�loneliness. You, yourself, and that damn front door with all of those�scalawag�salesmen. No, I don’t want to buy a graveyard plot or a dictionary. Yes, I’ve found Jesus, right here in my fist. Care to feel his wrath? Get off my lawn! “Sir, you live on the third floor.” Well… get off my level! Yeah! Now back to my Thomas Kinkade collection.

The Eye Spy Sniper Rifle Peephole Decal adds a fictional sense of security to the domicile of senior citizens and crazy people. Looking through the sniper scope, glaring at a Jehovah’s Witness never felt so dangerous or satisfying.

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