Fujitsu sells water-proof phone in a tub

fujitsu water-proof f703i

What da heck right? Yeah, what da heck, but that’s what fujitsu did at the press conference this morning, having the F703i phone ringing in the tub with a model, just to let the world know how important and beautiful it is to have a waterproof phone. “Moshi moshi!” We feel sorry for her- hopefully she’s paid well. Oh yeah, the phone can be washed over the tap, see? Apparently they’ve been developing this for 3 years, and managed to halve the thickness. Bravo.

Bravo to the marketing, too. What da heck. — Sam Chan

Press Conference [ITmedia +D]

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  1. How much for a F703i?

  2. F703i, kaho’s choose is damned good..

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