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A Rugged Dell Laptop John Connor Would Use

If Terminators and Skynet take over Earth, at least you’ll have a laptop that will stand up to them. The Dell E6400 XFR is the latest “toughbook” to hit the market and boy is it ugly. That’s OK, though, because you’re buying this for usability, not design and portability. Inside this ugly beast, you’ll find a decent set of specs ...

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Urwerk Continues Their Timepiece Takeover With The Hardest Watch Ever

A little less than a month ago, watchmaker Urwerk gave us a taste of sexiness with their turbine-powered 202 Hammerhead design. Urwerk continues to push the envelope with their 103.08 TiAlN, which stands for Titanium Aluminum Nitride, and is said to be the hardest watch ever made. The special TiAlN coating is only 4 microns thick, yet weighs a fraction ...

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A REALLY Heavy Duty iPod Dock, AM/FM Radio, Power Station Hybrid

Construction workers like music too! Especially the sweet sound of a buxom booty making its way past the construction site. Oh, yeah! But enough of that. The point is, that just because you wear a blue collar, doesn’t mean you don’t rock out to a little ABBA every now and again. The ultra-rugged AM/FM Construction Radio is protected with hard ...

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Fujitsu sells water-proof phone in a tub

What da heck right? Yeah, what da heck, but that’s what fujitsu did at the press conference this morning, having the F703i phone ringing in the tub with a model, just to let the world know how important and beautiful it is to have a waterproof phone. “Moshi moshi!” We feel sorry for her- hopefully she’s paid well. Oh yeah, ...

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NEC’s ShieldPRO Tablet PC: New, Tough, and Ugly

People must like dropping their laptops, because laptop manufacturers continue to churn out ruggedized laptops, such as the ShieldPRO Tablet from NEC. This is one tough tablet: it can survive 3-foot drops onto concrete, -20C to 50C (-4F to 122F) temperatures, dust, sand, even being fully submerged in water. The ShieldPRO is encased in 48mm (1.89 inch) thick magnesium alloy, ...

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