Best Free Music Apps Without Wi-Fi For Android In 2020

Have you ever faced a situation where your network data ends, and all of a sudden, your music apps stops playing as well? Many times, the sudden buffering of your favorite song might end up ruining your day altogether. Most of us depend entirely on music in every mood – happy or sad. But, what if, every time you play your songs, your data reached the end limit? Well, this article brings you a solution which would help you even if you have no Internet. Yes, you read it right! 

Here is the list of 5 best free music apps that work entirely without a working Wi-Fi or internet connection. Well, now you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs whenever and wherever!

Best Free Music Apps Without Wi-Fi For Android In 2020

What are the Top 5 Free Music Apps Without Wi-Fi?

1. Google Play Music App

One of the leading free music apps is none other than Google Play. Google developed it, and you can easily use it without any Wi-Fi connection. There are several highlights of the app, which include:

  • You can quickly pay and subscribe to the music library option, where you can get innumerable songs from around the world.
  • Well, if you plan to use the app without the subscription plan, you can access the inbuilt radio option provided to all.
  • Though you would have to experience quite a few advertisements in between songs, you would have a seamless experience throughout if you opt for the subscription plan.
  • Moreover, you can also download as many songs as you want with a paid subscription plan.
  • Google Play provides you with the option to use the cloud application for creating a personalized music library to save your favorite songs in it.
  • Also, Google Play tends to recommend multiple similar songs based on your last preference.
  • The app is divided into various sections which include:
  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Songs
  • You can make separate playlists based on your choices and mood.

2. Apple Music App

One of the multiple reasons why Apple Music is so popular amongst people is its no advertisement in between songs policy. Well, you can download it for your android mobile phones as well. However, you would have to pay 9.99 USD every month. The Apple Music app has several outstanding features, such as:

  • You would find new releases every day on the app. Hence, the app keeps track of every new song or album release and adds them to unlimited songs.
  • The Apple Music app keeps on recommending various kinds of music to you but only based on your choices.
  • Here, you can sign up and make a personal profile and share your favorite songs with your group.
  • Developing your personalized lists of music is the best part of getting the Apple Music app.
  • Not only music, but the app also streams different soap operas or movies for all.
  • However, if you are prone to listening to songs on the radio, this app will disappoint you. It doesn’t have an inbuilt radio option, yet.

3. Gaana App

If you wish to listen to songs of various languages, Gaana is the best choice for you. The app has a humongous amount of free themes and not just the latest ones, but it has lots of classical music as well. The songs are divided into various categories, such as:

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Album
  • Genre

The features of the Ganna music app are as follows:

  • Unlimited music in different languages is the ultimate reason for downloading the Gaana app.
  • Innumerable lists of music are present in the app, which can also be developed by the listeners.
  • The app has an inbuilt radio option as well.
  • Moreover, every song comes with written lyrics, which makes it immensely user-friendly.
  • You can also store your choice of songs in your library.
  • If you pay for the premium plan, you would also get the option to download as many songs as you like from the app. Furthermore, the app would not disturb you with advertisements in between the songs.

4. Deezer App

Most of us would always prefer having our customized music library to store our favorite songs on it. Now, Deezer comes with the ultimate option of offering all with limitless songs of various genres, and you can also save your preferable ones and build your playlist.

Moreover, you would also be given different questions regarding your preferred music styles and recommend you with various songs. The features of the Deezer app are as follows:

  • Through Deezer, you would be able to access worldwide radio and listen to the latest music worldwide.
  • There are multiple playlists already created in the app. However, you can also build your library and listen to all of them whenever you want.
  • Here, you also can show your collection to your group of friends and listen to theirs.
  • The Deezer app provides you with unlimited recommendations based on your previous choice of music.
  • If you opt for the paid plan, you would also get to experience no advertisements between songs.
  • You would easily be able to download your favorite songs from the app and listen to them later.
  • You can sync the music app with other devices such as:

5. Spotify Music App

There isn’t one single soul who doesn’t know about Spotify and its great music. You can hear innumerable songs without paying a single penny. However, the Spotify music app also has the option to go premium, and hence, if you subscribe to the paid plan, you would get other perks. Moreover, you can play music on the Spotify app from various devices, including tablets, PC, android mobile phones, etc. The features of the Spotify app are as follows:

  • No need to spend on any paid plan if you only wish to listen to great music. Spotify has limitless options for songs, and you can create your library as well.
  • The app is pretty smooth and straightforward, which can be used by all, even when you lack a Wi-Fi connection. 
  • The app provides you with free songs that you can listen to, even if you have no data balance.
  • With the paid plan, you would download more music on your device and listen to them later.


To conclude, the music apps mentioned above are the best ones as of now. It is highly recommended to go for the paid subscription plans if you want a seamless experience with no disturbance. Let me know which music app is your favorite and why!

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