Top Music Streaming Apps – Which One is Right for You

The way we consume media has changed drastically in the last decade. We went from DVDs to our home address, to surfing through thousands of movies and TV shows on our cellphones within a matter of years. 

The advent of 4G internet also changed the game as we’ve become simply too impatient to wait to procure the physical copy of the music we want to listen to or the movie we want to watch. 

Top Music Streaming Apps

There is no dearth of music streaming services in this day and age. It seems like every month, a new music app with more attractive subscription rates pops up, and you’re tempted to try all of them. Well, here are the top three popular ones. Keep reading to find out which app has the best features for you.

1. Spotify 

Spotify is one of the first music subscription apps to come up, so it’s no wonder that they have sort of perfected the art of making a perfect music app. It has a robust collection of songs, artists, and podcasts that you can listen to for free if you’re connected to the internet. However, for a subscription fee of less than $10, you can download as many tracks as you want and listen to them offline as well. 

Two features that really make Spotify stand out to me are the playlists and Spotify Radio. The app provides you with playlists for specific moods, activities, genres, times of the day, and even for the different seasons. 

If you like one artist and want to listen to more music like theirs but are unsure of how to go about finding them, you can depend on Spotify Radio to tailor a near-perfect playlist for you. 

So if you need music to accompany you on a jog, or while you study, or a playlist for a party, Spotify is the right choice for you.

2. Amazon Prime Music

One of the best things about Prime Music is that it’s free for all Amazon Prime users. It’s one of the many perks of signing up for Amazon Prime’s yearly subscription. However,  you can only listen to up to 250 songs a month before Amazon Prime Music demands that you cough up $21.99 every month to have access to the rest of their collection. 

Nevertheless, Prime Music has an impressively large collection of artists and music, and you can download your music to listen to it even when you’re offline.

3. Apple Music

Apple Music is a lot like Spotify, which makes it one of the top choices for a lot of people. It boasts a huge collection of artists from all over the world, and it lets you access your songs and playlists from any of your Apple devices. 

Apple Music also provides users with personalized playlists, so if you’re ever in the mood for something specific, you can search with the right keywords to find what you want. 

However, anyone who uses Apple Music will not be able to manually add any songs to their music library anymore, which may be a dealbreaker for many people.

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