Playster Music Review: What does Playster Bring to the Table?

Playster is an entertainment platform that provides several types of media to its users. By allowing members to choose which parts of the service they want to pay for, Playster allows users to completely customize their experience. When creating your tailored Playster package, you are able to choose the entertainment your subscription will include by picking from the various media types provided by the platform. This will eliminate the feeling of being strong-armed into a deal that requires you to pay for more than you actually need. Want to listen to music? Opt for the music subscription. Want to read books? Choose the books, comic books and audiobooks subscription and so forth.

What Music Does Playster Offer?

Playster’s music library gives users access to a large collection of content from both major labels (like Warner Music Group and Sony Music) and indie artists. When accessing their website, you will be greeted with an array of information and options, including browsing titles, playlists, moods and more. The service offers a well-rounded collection of genres that is sure to cater to all tastes.

There’s Music, Then There’s Your Music

As you navigate Playster, you will notice that there is a general music section, as well as a “Your Music” section. The first boasts all of Playster’s musical content while the latter is a place to house your own private collection featuring all of your favorite artists, tracks and albums. This feature helps eliminate the need to browse all over the interface every time you want to listen to a specific song or record. Instead, you can just access your personal collection and stream everything you want with one click.

Music Features

Music is split into several sections on Playster. The first is the classic Top Charts section. Here, Playster will show you all the most popular songs of the moment. This is a sort of hub for people to check out what others have deemed to be great. Each entry in this category is accompanied by a large thumbnail, the name of the artist and the name of the album. By clicking on the name of the artist, you will be sent to a page featuring that artist’s entire collection. By clicking on the album name, you will be taken to a page displaying all of the songs in that album. You will be able to click on one to bring up that particular track and also share it on social media or save it to your personal library.


The Genres tab is pretty self-explanatory. It lets you choose what genre you would like to explore and will give matching results based on what you opt for. You can even set a subgenre. If you pick jazz, for example, you will get information about the top jazz albums and what kind of jazz music is available on Playster.


Playster’s Discover feature is designed to help you check out brand new music and learn about brand new musicians and bands when you become tired of your usual playlists. You can start by listening to one type of song and end up listening to something completely different within a few clicks — the possibilities are endless.


Based on what you listen to, Playster will come up with suggestions of music that you might also like. As you listen to more music, the recommendations will become more accurate, as your music history is analyzed and matched with Playster’s database.


Ultimately, if you know exactly what you want, you can simply use the search feature to check out your favorite artists’ pages and listen to your favorite albums on Playster. The results are instantly playable and include additional options, like saving, sharing and downloading.

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