Chrome Add On Streamus Competes With Spotify

New Chrome add on, Streamus, serves as a free Spotify alternative the streams music from YouTube.
If you’re a Chrome user and a music lover, then chances are that you’re going to get a lot of use out of the new Chrome add on, Streamus.
Streamus is a free music service that functions through a Google a Chrome add on and streams music from YouTube. The best part about this new service? Well apart from being free and having access to an unlimited database of free music via YouTube, it is easy to use! Streamus is as simple as searching for songs, creating playlists and clicking play! Does it get any simpler?
Users simply have to type Streamus followed by a space and the name of the music video the are searching for in order to get a drop down menu with the song selection displayed. Click that song and users will get their song selection streamed in the background of their browser without navigating away from the browser’s current content. From here users can build playlists or select a radio option that utilizes favored artists to stream music choices at random.
So are there any drawbacks to Streamus? The biggest drawback so far is that there are frequently a multitude of other song options to wade through depending upon what you are looking for. Although, if you are YouTube, the chances are that you’re going to have a bigger problem with the fact that your content is being pulled with very little recognition to you.

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