Fossil 1970’s Styled Watch, Keep it retro, dude

Time warp, time! Let’s all disco dance by the light of this new 1970’s styled watch from Fossil. Not only does the watch reek of 70’s fashion sense, but also its complete lack of fashion sense as well. The wrist band looks like something from a nightmare. It reminds me of something a Native American or mountain man would be wearing (minus the watch part of course).

The watch itself is capable of water resistance up to 165 feet deep, which is really pretty deep for someone so high (that’s a marijuana reference). I don’t know how much a funky cat like the person who would wear this watch would be much of a deep sea diver. But if you want to impress a girl with your fashion sense, yet don’t want to lose your geek appeal, this might be what you’re looking for. More pics after the jump.

Andrew Dobrow

Fossil Watch [via Gizmodo]

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