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Gadget Fossils

Fuck a dinosaur. That shit is old and outdated. Us 21st century jackasses need a way to show people millions of years from now what we were busy wasting our time on. Luckily, we have artist Christopher Locke, who creates pseudo-fossils out of concrete and sells them for exorbitant prices. Still, I’ll be happy that that the Sega Saturn can ...

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El Scorpion Es Muy Caliente!

This Ferrari look-alike is the hottest eco-friendly car in existence. Proving that an automobile doesn’t have to run on fossil fuels to look stylish, the Ronn Motor Company has broken the mold that has plagued most� environmental friendly vehicles. Running on hydrogen instead of fuel, the Scorpion is the poster-child for alternative solutions to abandoning fossil fuels altogether. Packed with ...

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Fossil 1970’s Styled Watch, Keep it retro, dude

Time warp, time! Let’s all disco dance by the light of this new 1970’s styled watch from Fossil. Not only does the watch reek of 70’s fashion sense, but also its complete lack of fashion sense as well. The wrist band looks like something from a nightmare. It reminds me of something a Native American or mountain man would be ...

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