Formula One’s Shark Fin Racecar Fad

Futuristic aerodynamic cars seem to be all the rage among automakers these days and the craze has made it’s way to Formula One racing where so-called “shark fin” cars are popping up left and right. Last week, Ferrari became the latest F1 racing team to try out the distinctive finned engine cover at a race in Jerez, Spain. Red Bull was the first F1 team to try out the design in February. Since then, Toyota, Renault, Toro Rosso, McLaren, and Force India have all jumped on the shark fin bandwagon. The design is thought to be more aerodynamic, but race teams are still wary that it might be vulnerable to crosswinds. After the jump, check out more shark fin racecar porn pics.

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  1. A race in Jerez?

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