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LEGO Ferrari Comes With A LEGO Pit Crew

Yesterday, the LEGO World event began. To promote the event Leon Krijgsman of Jetix (more X-Men, please) rolled through the streets of Amsterdam in this LEGO Ferrari F1. This automobile is made up of 80,000 LEGO bricks and that’s not counting the LEGO pit crew who maintain it. The event will be held in Zwolle until the 21st and will ...

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Formula One’s Shark Fin Racecar Fad

Futuristic aerodynamic cars seem to be all the rage among automakers these days and the craze has made it’s way to Formula One racing where so-called “shark fin” cars are popping up left and right. Last week, Ferrari became the latest F1 racing team to try out the distinctive finned engine cover at a race in Jerez, Spain. Red Bull ...

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F1 Phone: You Know You Already Talk To Your Ferrari

If you own a Ferrari, there’s a good chance you already converse with it anyway. “Yeah, that’s a bad little car!” You make me sick, with your shameless flirtation. You might as well just skip the foreplay and just pick up one of these F1 Phones. The F1 Phone, designed to resemble the Ferrari, even has some moderately impressive specs ...

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F1 Lawn Mower: Prettiest Mower Ever?

If you don’t have a robot mowing your lawn for you, chances are you don’t have too much fun doing it (unless your my old Asian neighbor, he worships his shitty lawn, on which I do not purposely let my dog do his business.) At least you can look good while doing it. This F1-themed lawn mower is the sexiest ...

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