Foreskin Man to the Rescue

Saving babies from the evil grasps of mohels and lunatics and mohel lunatics, Foreskin Man has one and only goal in mine, eliminate circumcisions and those who perform them.

Frustrated by societys failure to protect its most vulnerable citizens, Foreskin Man has taken up the fight agains male genital mutilation.

Aided by the power of his technologically advanced plasma boots, Foreskin Man flies above the city to hunt down criminals who cut the genitals of innocent boys.

In the eyes of Foreskin Man, a boy can never be a real man without the companionship of his faithful penis shield. While my foreskin is long gone, I take solace in the fact that Foreskin Man strikes fear in the hearts of those whom have dedicated their lives to slicing and dicing. Read Foreskin Man for free online.

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