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Everyone loves to help keep the Earth clean. It lets us sleep better at night knowing we did our part for that particular day. I’m sure that Snickers wrapper you picked up and chucked in the trash can will save the ice shelf. Riding this concept bike called the Rabbit is kind of like that. Sure, you’re helping the environment out but you still look like a retard when you’re riding this thing. Don’t complain to me, complain to creator Felipe Tolomei.

The final design is supposed to have two small electric engines to power this three-wheeled monstrosity. Hopefully it won’t end up looking like a rabbit mixed with something out of Blade Runner or it’ll get two seats so I can pick up prostitutes with it. After all, isn’t that the most necessary application of a personal transportation vehicle?

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  1. This is a marvelous design….i would love to see a visual video of how this design would work

  2. I like. It looks cool, but all I want to know is, how do you pedal it or make it start and stop? Other than that, I really want one now!

  3. It’s entirely non functional.

    Seems like something a typical “designer” would make – something that doesn’t ever work.

  4. I think it’s cool, particularly for boomers like me who like the stability of 3 wheels. Do me a favor, though–leave the word “retard” out of it. It’s as ugly as the “n” word and makes the author look like a pretty vile, snarky, snotty individual.

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