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Nabaztag Reboot: The Mirror by Violet

Alright. Stick with me on this one. You crazy Europeans love to created weird names for products, like The Mirror by Violet. That being said, The Mirror’ is one of the neatest gadgets I’ve seen in a long time. Hook the $60 plate up to your Mac or PC and get ready to read some RFID tags. The set includes ...

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Follow The Rabbit Concept Bike

Everyone loves to help keep the Earth clean. It lets us sleep better at night knowing we did our part for that particular day. I’m sure that Snickers wrapper you picked up and chucked in the trash can will save the ice shelf. Riding this concept bike called the Rabbit is kind of like that. Sure, you’re helping the environment ...

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Jessica Rabbit “Untooned” Video Surfaces

Perhaps you popped a hard one last week browsing the Internet. Maybe it was because you’re into leather, maybe you saw Tera Patrick blowing Peter North or perhaps you were one of the many geeks who saw a Photoshopped picture of Jessica Rabbit turned into a human. Now, thanks to the wonder of video capture, you can see how the ...

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Nabaztag smart rabbit for people with no friends

Part alarm clock, part weather forecaster, part newspaper, part communication device, and 100% cool. If we knew something like this existed, you all would have known about it way before now. Nabaztag is a smart rabbit which is capable of so many things that it’s hard to explain them all here. For example, you can email your family member’s Nabaztags, ...

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