First Screenshot from Noby Noby Boy iPhone Edition Released


Back in March we reported that famed PSN game Noby Noby Boy would be making its way to the iPhone. And Namco Bandai hasn’t forgotten about us. The developer is apparently 60% done with the iPhone version, and to prove is, Namco has released a screenshot, giving us a peek at what we can expect.

In all honesty, the released shot doesn’t tell us much. We see BOY, but not much else. Luckily, there’s still 40% if the game yet to be developed. But will it be free? Crossing our fingers (and our nipples).


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  1. dude since you became an iphone owner you blogged only about the Iphone about shitty apps.
    Maybe start-up an Iphone fanboy blog?

  2. I think I’ve posted about two apps since I’ve been back with Gearfuse. The iPhone happens to be the hottest gadget on the market right now. I also have plenty of interaction with other phones, but the iPhone takes a huge market share.

  3. Iphone the hottest gadget? First it is a phone not a gadget, second it is only hot because apple dropped in some bags of pr money. But if you want to change your blog to Iphone and other tech stuff go ahead, would mean I would remove your rss and never come again…
    If you do a nokia search on your site first hit is an Ipod, damn you apple fanboy!

  4. hmm it is even worst if you do a black berry search the first pic also includes an ipod.

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