Fight Back: CES Spam From D-Link

Every year, around the end of November up until CES in January, PR flacks email me and other writers constantly, begging for them to stop by their booth at CES so they can show off some shitty product. There are exceptions of course and there are a few good PR people left thank goodness, but let me show you what I mean. The above image? That’s a screencap of what I woke up to this morning. Six emails in a row from one Les Goldberg from D-Link. Yes, the same D-Link that makes your shitty dorm room router.

This isn’t PR. This is a spam. You spammed me, douchebag, and now we’re going to spam you. Everyone, spammers included, may I present you with Les’ email address: [email protected]. Got it? One more time: [email protected].

Email Les and tell him we don’t appreciate his spam nor his shitty company’s spam. The last time D-Link made a usable product? Never.

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  1. I just got a spam email (buy hardware from our store in hong kong) to an address that I have *ONLY* used to communicate with D-link. Either they, or one of their employees, are selling addresses to spammers.

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