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Unevenly Distributed: Gadget Blogging, The Human Centipede

If I were to equate gadget blogging to some occupation in a slice of modern cinema, the film that most immediately comes to mind is The Human Centipede: First Segment. That 2010 parable, directed by Tom Six, focuses on the misadventures of three people who, through a wacky series of missteps, are each sewn... shall we say... input-to-output to one another. Gadget blogging, you see, is primarily an act of chain digestion.

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Microsoft Bribing Bloggers Again

Right around the time Windows Vista came out, Microsoft was engaged in a PR campaign where they would give a blogger an Acer laptop loaded with Vista (see above picture) and not ask for it back. Free laptops mean good reviews, right? The whole thing blew up in Microsoft’s face, so in mid-2009, you’d think it’d learn its lesson, right? ...

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Quick Update: Apple Updates Mac Pro

Those shady motherfuckers at Apple decided to mention a Mac Pro update an hour after I caught the original update on the iMac and Mac Mini. The new Mac Pros cost $300 less than before, feature new Intel “Nehalem” Xeon CPUs (read: hella fuckin’ fast) and better graphics cards standard. Some bullshit about DDR3 RAM and that about sums it ...

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Fight Back: CES Spam From D-Link

Every year, around the end of November up until CES in January, PR flacks email me and other writers constantly, begging for them to stop by their booth at CES so they can show off some shitty product. There are exceptions of course and there are a few good PR people left thank goodness, but let me show you what ...

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