Facebook Hack Prank Fills Me With Turkish Delight

A pack of brilliant Turkish pranksters decided to use Facebook’s use of crowd-sourced linguistics for their own benefit. A group of clever hackers congregated on the Inci S�zl�k message board and launched a full-scale attack on the Turkish branch of Facebook’s language translation interface, which relies on crowd-sourcing to improve the lingustics of the non-English Facebook translated pages. Hilarity ensued.

The word �Like� for example was substituted for another word that rhymes with Luck but begins with an F. The familiar notification in Facebook chat �Your message could not be sent because the user is offline� became �Your message could not be sent because of your tiny penis

Facebook eventually rolled back the translations to their proper form, but the damage had already been done. The Facebook Translate application is apparently down for many languages. Whether this is related or not isn’t clear.

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