Ever Dream of This Man?


If your answer was yes, you’re not alone. At least 2000 psychiatric patients around the world claim to have seen this man in their dreams at some point. It all started in 2006 when a patient of a well-known psychiatrist drew the picture of a man who had been appearing in their recurring dreams. After leaving the drawn photo on his desk, another patient claimed to have also seen the man in their dreams. Becoming increasingly more interested, the psychiatrist eventually sent the image of the man to a bunch of his colleagues where even more claimed to have seen the man in their dreams.

Theories abound on the man’s identity, stretching from the scientific to the paranormal though the mystery of his identity remains. His magical eyebrows of dream power continue their death grip on our unconscious psyche.

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    The link, “thisman.org”, is owned by Andrea Natella


    Who is Andrea Natella?


    Andrea Natella was born and lives in Rome. He is the creative director of guerrigliamarketing.it, sociologist and journalist investigating youth culture and media communication, and a writer for TV programs about magic. Using a variety of pseudonyms, he has published essays on UFO”s, extreme sex and the art of sabotage. In 1995 he was known as Luther Blissett.

    Founded in Italy in 2003 guerrigliamarketing.it, is an advertising agency that uses non-conventional communication techniques, like the creation of fictitious events or campaigns reaching the limits of legality, through which “fuck the market in order to enter it”, entering the media system and taking away the automatism communication. Projects include a.o.: Rottama il Brand (Wreck the Brand), Shock and Hoax, Spazio Disponibile (Available Space), Espropriproletari (proletarian expropriation), and Where-Next.

  2. Isn’t this just Andrew Lloyd Webber…???

  3. “this man” is paul scheer. look up images of him on google.

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