Even Federer Would Appreciate This

Wimbledon 2008 has been one big whirlwind. Even those of us who normally don’t appreciate or watch tennis can’t deny the fury between Nidal and Federer and the Williams’ sisters. To celebrate the sport of Tennis and to honor Wimbledon, HSBC got artists Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd to create photosgraphs made from grass.

Three portraits were used to start. They included Tara More, Eddie Seaward and Lizzie May. During the developing process, Dan and Heather would expose seeded-grass panels to light for specific lengths. More light? More cholorophyl is produced and thus a darker shade of green. With time, patience and an understanding of art, the end result ended up being a few giant portraits made from grass.

Could we see more unique displays like this one in professional sports? Absolutely. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar at the Super Bowl this year.

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