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Tennis Ball Chair: Sports Bar Chic

Spotted at BKLYN Designs 2009, this Tennis Ball Chair (oddly not the first piece of tennis ball furniture we’ve seen) would fit awesome into the decor of a sports bar or bachelor pad. Sure, not the manliest sport ever, but a chair made out of footballs would hardly be comfortable. Link

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Fetchbot For The Impersonal Dog Owner

Playing fetch with a dog can be a tiresome activity, especially if your dog has the energy of an Ox which has the energy of two Oxen. That’s where the Fetchbot comes in to play. It’s essentially a tennis ball catapult that’s designed to keep your dog busy while you can enjoy the finer things in life, like not playing ...

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Even Federer Would Appreciate This

Wimbledon 2008 has been one big whirlwind. Even those of us who normally don’t appreciate or watch tennis can’t deny the fury between Nidal and Federer and the Williams’ sisters. To celebrate the sport of Tennis and to honor Wimbledon, HSBC got artists Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd to create photosgraphs made from grass. Three portraits were used to start. ...

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Three Player Ping-Pong Is For Keeps

No one wants to be the odd one out of an intense game of ping-pong. Enter the Modular Table Tennis System, the table tennis designed specifically for groups of players larger than a couple. Innovator Guenter Arndt claims that his modular table design can house 12 ping-pong players cramped around this table. The idea is to have four teams of ...

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Future Tennis Without Life Threatening Hazards On The Court

Combine theurban security suitwith theaugmented reality maskand you get the future outfit of pro-tennis. A recent Lacoste ad, celebrating the 75thanniversary of the brand, shows a player dressed in a ridiculous garment, playing tennis in a fictional, digitally-enhanced room. The racket has robotic features and assembles itself right out of the bag. The walls measure the speed of your slice ...

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Redefining Wallets: One Of A Kind Recyclables

What could you possibly use a beaten up tennis ball for, other than a moving aid for a desk? “Not much.” would be the correct answer. Unless, of course, you’re pretty damn creative like the eco-friendly designer of these Redefining Wallets, made from recycled products ranging from trading cards to old tires to ticket stubs. Redefining Wallets offers a range ...

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