Emergency Party Button Turns Your Home Into The Roxbury


Who can forget the antics of Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live and their “Night At The Roxbury” skits? You hated that skit, you say? Well then, I see. Sorry to waste your time oh-mighty one! The Emergency Party Button is a clever red button, enabled with a special key, which turns your home into a night club within a matter of seconds.

The official description reads as so:

Basically, it is exactly what it sounds like; a button that instantly launches a party. When pressed, the blinds to my apartment close, the kitchen, hallway, dining room, and living room lights dim, the stereo starts blasting Haddaway – What Is Love, black lights turn on, laser lights start moving to the music, a strobe light goes on, and the fog machine starts up.

With another press of the button, the party is gone as easily as it started.
It may not be the most hi-tech thing in the world, but people sure as hell love it when they come over.

And there you have it! Instant party time. Hit the jump to see the button in action!

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  1. thats the funniest shit ive ever seen…its hard tho’

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