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Facebook’s ‘Meh’ Button

Nothing expresses your apathy to your friends’ benign lives quiet like a quick and concise ‘meh.’ And I can’t think of a better place to display said apathy then everyone’s favorite place to celebrate their most intimate of useless tidbits. “John likes Adam Sandler.” Meh. “Why did you have to break my heart?” Meh. “*insert song lyrics here*” Meh. But ...

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USB Hulk Smash Button Unleashes Your Inner Child, Bruce Banner

Check out this gimmicky Hulk-themed USB device offered by Marvel. It hooks up to your PC and allows you to activate screen effects by smashing the button with your fist. Sure, it’s all fun and games, until your boss comes by to see porn on your screen. That’s where this bad boy really comes in handy. It’ll lock your desktop ...

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DIY: Glowing Multipurpose Pushbuttons

Making your own arcade unit? What about some other DIY project that uses buttons? Buttons that don’t glow are mundane and unattractive, so why not make your own illuminating buttons? Playing arcade games in the dark is tough without being able to see what button you’re mashing down upon. Thankfully, Hacknmod has written up a great how to guide on ...

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Emergency Party Button Turns Your Home Into The Roxbury

Who can forget the antics of Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live and their “Night At The Roxbury” skits? You hated that skit, you say? Well then, I see. Sorry to waste your time oh-mighty one! The Emergency Party Button is a clever red button, enabled with a special key, which turns your home into a night ...

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