Dubai Building World’s Tallest Arch Bridge


Oh, Dubai. You built worlds in the ocean, but it wasn’t enough. You scraped the sky and laughed at the clouds, but it wasn’t enough. And you also built the Palazzo Versace, but it isn’t enough. So what’s another $817 million, right? That’s how much it’s going to cost to build the world’s tallest arch bridge. The goal is to have this 12-lane monstrosity finished by 2012. It’s all being designed by the NYC-based architecture firm of Fxfowle. I bet Dubai’s next move is to build a Disney-themed park in the center of the country or some equally crazy shit.


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  1. I am spell bound by Dubai’s creativity.Only I can do is bowing my head down in respect!
    The bridge over here in this picture is just eye catching. I couldn’t take my camera off1

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