Drag-n-drop files between 2 PCs, no drivers needed!

elecom uc-tv2bk usb cable

The Windows Vista has been launched, but we all wonder what good it does. A fancier interface so that our computers can run slower? More bugs so that we can engage in the perpetual cycle of updating the system? There is at least one good new feature on the Vista that a lot of people have thought about but never asked, that is to drag and drop files across 2 computers, not 2 screens of the same computer. Microsoft calls that the new “Easy Transfer”. One of the first products in the market to make use of this feature would be this 2.5m long 2-way USB cable from Elecom. If you were to move files from an older XP computer to the Vista, simply install the driver bundled with the cable and you’re good to go. Note that moving files from a Vista to XP will not work, neither would XP-XP transfer possible. The cable and the software are selling for $70 in Japan now. — Sam Chan

UC-TV2BK [Elecom]

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