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Self-Portrait Machine Forces You To Draw Yourself

A narcissists dream, the Self-Portrait Machine takes a photo of the user and transfers the picture into a drawn image of themselves. The catch is that the user is actually the one that does all the drawing, as they are physically attached to the machine. The machine itself performs a little dutch rudder action, guiding the user’s hand along the ...

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Expand Your Social Network With Poken

These adorable little devices called Poken are used to exchange social networking info among new found friends who have their own Poken. No one cares to jot down email addresses, user IDs and screen names when they’re in a rush. So, the Poken have been created as a quick way to exchange such information in a matter of seconds. All ...

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Drag-n-drop files between 2 PCs, no drivers needed!

The Windows Vista has been launched, but we all wonder what good it does. A fancier interface so that our computers can run slower? More bugs so that we can engage in the perpetual cycle of updating the system? There is at least one good new feature on the Vista that a lot of people have thought about but never ...

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