Doom 4 Confirmed


I’m pretty sure Doom is the single greatest contribution to the computer to grace our planet. It defined the first-person shooter genre and every sequel just kept getting better and better with Doom 3 blowing everyone away a few years back. Now the latest installment, Doom 4, has been confirmed by id Software’s CEO, Todd Hollenshead. The above picture is supposedly a shot from the new title.

Currently, id is looking to hire “the greatest talent and brightest minds in the industry” for its signature title. No release date has been given but apparently the game will be released on both console and PC simultaneously. OK, you can get back to Grand Theft Auto IV now.


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  1. doom 3 was shit…the graphix was good but a 12 year old could beat it with no problem…may have some nighamares after though lol…7 hours of easy playtime only to beat the final boss in 5 min hmmmm they werent kiddint when they say they made the game to be won..absolutely no challenge at all

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