DJ AM Defies The Laws Of Facebook

One of the things that really sucks about Facebook is the limit on the number of “friends” users are allowed to have. Facebook limits individual users to 5,000 friends, which is very difficult for me since I’m so incredibly popular. That’s why I was so surprised this weekend when I checked out the profile of Nicole Richie’s ex Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein and saw him listed as having 5,001 friends. DJ AM and I became close personal friends because of our shared love of hip hop and having sex with hot Hollywood starlets.

DJ AM’s extra friend was probably a glitch since on Friday he wrote this message on his wall: “I CANT ADD ANYMORE FRIENDS :(” Today, he’s back down to 5,000 friends. On the other hand, perhaps this is a case of a celebrity receiving unfair VIP treatment from Facebook staff. If Facebook is letting people have extra friends they better get in touch with me because I need more space for all of my other famous buddies.

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  1. youre not famous, please

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