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6 Really Weird Celebrity Baby Names


Lately among celebrities, it's become a trend to name babies the most ridiculous names imaginable. We're not exactly sure why, if you hated the kid that much, why have it in the first place? Check out 6 really weird celebrity baby names...

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5 Internet Celebrities You Need to Know


If you are like most people these days then spend a little bit too much time on the internet. With that in mind, the chances are that you have also seen a number of these internet celebrities while perusing the net. Just in case you haven't though, take a look at these 5 internet celebrities you need to know.

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Robin Williams, Harrison Ford and Frogs

Nine times out of ten, when someone asks me what I consider important, I usually reply “beer” or “Cooler Ranch Doritos.” While those things are certainly an important aspect of life, I’ve got something a little funkier for you this time around. And to boot, it’s for a good cause. Everyone from Prince William to Robin Williams to Harrison Ford ...

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Yoda Spotted In Madrid

While enjoying my European adventure I saw the renowned Jedi Master Yoda in Madrid’s historic Plaza Mayor. Apparently, Yoda’s fallen on hard times since filming the Star Wars movies and now he’s resorted to begging for money from tourists in Spain. It was cool seeing my favorite sci-fi hero in the flesh, but I’d rather have a chance to get ...

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Celebrity Money

I can’t read French but I’m sure our publisher Steve Rufer would be more than happy to translate. All I can gather is that someone took pictures of movie stars and merged them with money. This is a pretty sweet but where’s the Mel Gibson photo with the $1 bill?

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DJ AM Defies The Laws Of Facebook

One of the things that really sucks about Facebook is the limit on the number of “friends” users are allowed to have. Facebook limits individual users to 5,000 friends, which is very difficult for me since I’m so incredibly popular. That’s why I was so surprised this weekend when I checked out the profile of Nicole Richie’s ex Adam “DJ ...

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Who Tall Are You?: Proving That Celebrities Can Be Short Too

Whenever I’ve met a celebrity in real life, the most striking thing about them is usually how odd it is to see them in a real-life perspective. We’re so used to seeing them on the big screen, that it’s hard to believe that you can be taller than some of these people. The Who Tall Are You? Mirror ranks your ...

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