Who Tall Are You?: Proving That Celebrities Can Be Short Too


Whenever I’ve met a celebrity in real life, the most striking thing about them is usually how odd it is to see them in a real-life perspective. We’re so used to seeing them on the big screen, that it’s hard to believe that you can be taller than some of these people.

The Who Tall Are You? Mirror ranks your height along with well-known celebrities, allowing you to see who you’re taller than, and who’s the same height. I, personally, never knew that Kid Rock was only an inch or so shorter than Michael Jordan. I’m probably closer to Ben Stiller’s height. Thankfully, I’m a lot more entertaining, and totally sexier. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. I was 5’8″ before age and back problems cost me an inch… but still, at 5’7″ – I’m taller than most female celebrities…
    yet we always think of them as “larger than life” – whether we see them on the big screen, stage, or even just on a small television.

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