DIY: Mac Classic To Mac Mini Mod


Here’s a way for you to gut your Mac Classic and hook it up to a Mac Mini. In 11 moderately easy steps, this mod is one that most novice computer builders can handle on their own. Just make sure you didn’t already make your Mac into a backpack.

The mod allows the innards of a Mac Classic to run off of an LCD display and a Mac Mini. The creater of the mod uses his creation as a Jukebox, but the sky is the limit with whatever you want to create. Take the jump to see the steps to create your own.

� Instructions:
1. Take one 17-year-old Mac Classic
2. Cut off front of CRT with diamond grinder to preserve full aesthetics of case.
3. Make custom mounts and air rams.
4. Modify front of Classic case to accept DVDs. Add hole for IR receiver.
5. Mount brand new 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo Mac Mini on rear of LCD unit.
6. Customize one ATX power supply.
7. Construct set of custom cables.
8. Add one USB to ATAPI adaptor for DVD drive.
9. Add extension connecters to existing holes in case rear: 2x USB, 1x HDMI, Ethernet, RCA audio
10. Mount power switch behind original side panel reset buttons.
11. Modify software so Mac Mini boots up into Front Row (disable Finder) and you have yourself a Classic Mini Jukebox. Simple!

Andrew Dobrow

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    When a CRT is broken, a large implosion usually occurs. There is over 1000lbs of pressure on the face of a 10″ alone.

    Also there are potentially dangerous chemicals inside the tube itself.

  2. 11 steps? Hardly! Using the words ‘make’, ‘customize’, and ‘construct’ to cover another 12 steps in each step barely makes this a How-To, and more of a very rough guide.

    More detail would make this post usable. As it stands, it’s just a list of ideas.

  3. The LCD is the hardest part. Never mind monitor implosions and crap…try to find an LCD that actually fits that window. That’s the challenge I have.

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