DIY: Custom DS Guitar For Guitar Hero: On Tour

Eric Ruckman was one individual disappointed by Guitar Hero: On Tour’s guitar peripheral for the DS. So, in an effort to form gameplay more faithful to the original Guitar Hero, Eric found a wireless PS2 guitar that no one wanted and cut a hole in the controller, removing all the guts. He then managed to connect the buttons of the guitar to the DS by means of wiring though the adapter. Eric is now able to play this one game on his DS with a console Guitar Hero guitar.

This bitchin’ guitar mod even has an FM transmitter in it that allows him to play the Nintendo DS’ sound through his home stereo system. Awesome job, Eric!

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  1. What I just noticed about that mod (maybe it’s true for all GH versions too) is that apparently in the game, the higher notes are further from the pick, while the lower notes are closer….which is exactly opposite from how a real guitar works.

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