Devil May Cry Airsoft Pistols

I tried Airsoft back in my teens and although it was kind of fun, it was way too expensive and illegal for my liking. For the Devil May Cry fanboy or Airsoft enthusiast, Hobby Media has just released a set of Dante’s Ebony & Ivory handguns. You’ll be able to shoot your friends in the eye or let them sit around, collecting dust and little value. The choice is yours and yours alone.

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  1. Where can i get these?

  2. if you can get me some fortune will come your way.

  3. I have to have those guns. The price does not matter.

  4. i agree with william where can i get these i need them NAOW!!

  5. where can I get these there awsome i dont care how much they are

  6. someone tell me where to find these NOW

  7. Where can i get these?

  8. I have these! I got mine off E-Bay for $2,800 dollars. It was worth it though.

  9. Where can i find these awesome replica’s and for how much?

  10. Where can I get them

  11. Playing airsoft has been my hobby for the last few years. I really enjoy all the different configurations and model of firarms. I am also an addict on airsoft accesory, i really love it.

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