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Devil May Cry Airsoft Pistols

I tried Airsoft back in my teens and although it was kind of fun, it was way too expensive and illegal for my liking. For the Devil May Cry fanboy or Airsoft enthusiast, Hobby Media has just released a set of Dante’s Ebony & Ivory handguns. You’ll be able to shoot your friends in the eye or let them sit ...

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Your Grandmother Would Love One Of These

It’s not a pistol that can shoot tequila, but this porcelain pistol does have some kick to it. Modeled after James Bond’s infamous Walther PPK and P99, these white porcelain weapons are the product of designer Yvonne Lee Schultz. She’s created a few other floral-based pieces that look beautiful, especially the PP/99/R with a big red rose on it. Hit ...

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