Delta 7 Sports Ascend Bicycle

Those of you trying to get an edge over Lance Armstrong should look no further. Delta 7 Sports’ new Ascend road bike is quite the work of art. Using intertwined carbon fiber that resembles that of a wicker basket, the Ascend is one of the lightest bikes if not the lightest road bike on the planet. The frame weighs a mere 1.8 pounds, giving you an unprecedented advantage in any race. Winning a race doesn’t come cheap, though. Be prepared to drain your wallet of $12,000 for the Ascend.

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  1. All the glamor and color aside, no one’s talking about the number of failures on this bike seen at this year’s outdoor Interbike demo. I spotted them here. A number of good observations about the disadvantages of this frame are also mentioned.

    I guess all that glitters isn’t gold!

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