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How Geared E-Bikes are Made?


Have you ever wondered how e-bikes are made? Well, get ready to take a ride behind the scenes as we unveil the manufacturing process of these two-wheeled wonders. In this blog, we’ll be your guide, delving into the intricacies of crafting geared electric bikes from start to finish, and exploring the various gear systems that make these e-bikes tick. So, ...

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Zombie-Proof Bike

This Zombie-Proof Bike, by UK insurance company ETA, includes all of the essentials for barreling through and surviving a zombie wave.

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Take One Down, Pass It Around, 120 Bikes on the Wall

A bicycle shop in Altlandsberg, Germany has taken a unique direction with their advertising. To assure their store gets noticed, the store owners decided to cover the outer walls of their shop with about 120 bicycles mounted on the building’s exterior. The bikes replace the traditional sign, but somehow, we feel the residents will get the point. Link [via]

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Bright Bike Benedict

Benedict Radcliffe is an artist with a unique situation. He’s been creating beautiful fixed gear bikes over in London and the results are candy-like. Neon pink, orange, green and yellow adorn every angle of the bike, creating a look that even Naughty by Nature could appreciate. Too bad Benedict’s phone is ringing off the hook. The 1990s keep calling him; ...

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Delta 7 Sports Ascend Bicycle

Those of you trying to get an edge over Lance Armstrong should look no further. Delta 7 Sports’ new Ascend road bike is quite the work of art. Using intertwined carbon fiber that resembles that of a wicker basket, the Ascend is one of the lightest bikes if not the lightest road bike on the planet. The frame weighs a ...

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A Bike Design That Predates The Company Producing It

What a sweet ride! The Rasmus Gjesing ATB Tourist bicycle is the work of, you guessed it: Rasmus Gjesing. Gjesing’s company was founded 12 years ago and focuses on quality and design that tries to steer clear of the look of mass-produced bicycles.� With the ATB, everyone may think you’re riding an old bike, but that top-of-the-line Motorola MP3 helmet ...

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Safe Turn Gives Bikers A Blink

Cycling is in the midst of a come back. With environmental fears and urban build-up making cars seem less and less like a smart transportation option, bikes are the choice of many city dwellers. The problem is that there are still way more cars than bikers, putting cyclists at risk of being run down by some disgruntled rush hour driver ...

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