The folding bike! Will it be a hit? (get it? it’s a poker pun, ha…ha)

folding bike

Trying to bring a bike with you on vacation can be a nightmare if you don’t have a huge car. If theres an easier way to feel like a kid putting a round peg in a square hole, then we’d love to hear it. Thanks to the Folding bike those times might be behind us for good. We must admit, once the bike is unraveled, it’s a hideous contraption, but it’s a nice alternative to a sprained back from the effort of a normal bike. The shape is best described as “awkward” and the color leaves something to be desired, but as an eco-friendly transportation device, it looks able for the job. Even if it does look like it was designed by Stevie Wonder. — Andrew Dobrow

Folding bikes [Spluch]

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  1. Although the Locust folding bike mock up pictured in this post looks futuristic, there are a variety of bikes that fold that are being produced and sold now. For example, there’s an ultra light 23 lb folding bike made of magnesium that offers 6 speeds, folds in half in 10 seconds without tools and sells for well under $200.

    The key behind the growing popularity of folding bikes is that they are easier to store and transport. As a result, having a folder increases the opportunities to ride because you can take a folding bike along in situations that would be difficult or impossible with a standard size bicycle.

    For a list of practical folding bikes including specific features, photos and pricing, go to…

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