Decorating Nature or Why This Tree is Just Like Elin Nordegren

Nature is beautiful when you don’t live around it all of your life, but coming from someone who lived among the mountains and the trees and the grass for the better part of his short life, I can attest to the fact that the beauty of nature becomes sort of boring after you’ve seen it everyday for 10 years. You figure, there’s gotta be a way to step in and make it interesting again.

New York based artist Norm Magnusson, in his ‘Decorating Nature’ series Magnusson creates small interventions where he paints on or colours pieces of nature…

Ah-ha! So it is possible. Just as I suspected. Look, I’m not saying the colors of nature aren’t still just as beautiful, because it is, but you really start to take the beauty for granted after you stare at it for enough time. It’s sort of like Tiger Woods, cheating on his supermodel wife. Once you live with something long enough, it just sort of loses it luster, no matter how gorgeous.

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