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Blooming Wire Clips Make Cables Less of an Eye Sore

How about this? Instead of trying to conceal wires behind pieces of furniture, why not integrate them into the decor of your home? These Blooming Wire Clips do exactly that, enhancing your cables to look like a natural part of the environment. We’ve already seen wires that look like actual vines, but these clips are a bit more practical. With ...

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Decorating Nature or Why This Tree is Just Like Elin Nordegren

Nature is beautiful when you don’t live around it all of your life, but coming from someone who lived among the mountains and the trees and the grass for the better part of his short life, I can attest to the fact that the beauty of nature becomes sort of boring after you’ve seen it everyday for 10 years. You ...

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Camouflaged Cables Fit Right In With Your Jungle Motif

I pray for the day when wireless charging is available to the masses. Charging cables are ugly and a hassle to keep organized. But for now, they’re a mandatory product for us gearheads and gadget freaks. But do the cables really have to be so plain and ugly themselves? I mean, they can be a real eyesore, causing a damper ...

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