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Decorating Nature or Why This Tree is Just Like Elin Nordegren

Nature is beautiful when you don’t live around it all of your life, but coming from someone who lived among the mountains and the trees and the grass for the better part of his short life, I can attest to the fact that the beauty of nature becomes sort of boring after you’ve seen it everyday for 10 years. You ...

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Moss Bathmat Does Not Feature Kate

A bathmat is normally the most boring item that comes to mind when thinking of items inside a house. Such is not the case with this bathmat, which is made up of 70 pieces of moss. Yes, the kind that you find on trees in forests. It apparently feels great, doesn’t smell or mold up and grows from your bathwater. ...

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The Forest of One

The room was designed by Japanese architects Naruse Inokuma and features wood trees, plant life and other goodies that help the room resemble a forest. I think it’s more suited for children but hey, who says adults can’t have fun? Click through to find out more about this unique domicile. Link

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