Color Picker Lets You Grab The Colors of Nature


Photoshop has this neat little tool which allows you to grab a selected color from pretty much any image you want. Does that photo of an apple have that perfect red you’ve been looking for? The Color Picker by Jinsun Park allows you to grab any color, from any source, at any time and draw with that selected color, using a special hybrid of RGB ink.




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  1. Is this even possible? I thought RGB could only mix colours that were light, like on a computer display, rather than actual inks.

  2. Tom’s right. This is completely impossible unless the pen spews light. Ink and toner operate under subtractive color (CMYK). RBG is additive and is impossible to achieve in ink. Jinsun Park needs to do a little more research. ;3

  3. Sad that they spent so much time mocking this up and don’t know how inks work. ‘Special RGB hybrid inks’? *face palm*

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