Crazy Garbage Robots At Brooklyn Coffeehouse

Crazy people are an endless source of entertainment. One of the best nutcases I’ve come across recently who mutters to himself and makes garbage robots like the one pictured above at a cafe near my house.

Last week, my modem crashed and the cable company took forever to fix it, so I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time in said coffee shop. Every night that I was there, this elderly black guy came in carrying bags full of garbage, and dressed in a Canadian tuxedo and velvet yarmulke. Each time that I saw him, the denim clad dude spent hours using his garbage collection to build elaborate robots and roller coaster type creations. Though he was constantly mumbling to himself, he refused to answer me when I asked him about his work. When other people came close to his projects he always angrily shooed him away. Apart from those encounters, the only other time I heard him speak was when he thanked the baristas once for “letting me come here and do my shenanigans every day.”

Sadly, the cafe where all this went down was the Tea Lounge on Seventh Avenue and it just closed this past Thursday. Losing my emergency wi-fi hookup sucks, but by far, the worst part of the Tea Lounge closing is that I may never see this amusing crazy person ever again. Hopefully, he’ll set up shop in another local cafe soon, he made for some pretty fabulous people watching.

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