Contest Update

If you haven’t already entered our contest where you can win a brand new Jawbone Bluetooth headset, you should really get on that since time is running out. We’ve got over 75 comments, so there’s obviously a lot of interest in this sweet headset. Did we mention it’ll make you an assassin? A NoiseAssassin, that is.

Here’s a few choice comments on why people think they deserve to win:

“you suck”

“I need this so I can please Mike�s girlfriend from above!!!”

“My mother lives in CA and she still doesn�t have a hands free headset. She is one of those drivers who really ought to have one of these”

“Give it to me� or the bunny gets it!”

“i got the need, the need for speed (and bluetooth conversations)”

“Because I�m about to sit through 3 hours of the worst class ever”

Great stuff, my dear readers. Keep up the good work!

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