Contest Update

If you haven’t already entered our contest where you can win a brand new Jawbone Bluetooth headset, you should really get on that since time is running out. We’ve got over 75 comments, so there’s obviously a lot of interest in this sweet headset. Did we mention it’ll make you an assassin? A NoiseAssassin, that is.

Here’s a few choice comments on why people think they deserve to win:

“you suck”

“I need this so I can please Mike’s girlfriend from above!!!”

“My mother lives in CA and she still doesn’t have a hands free headset. She is one of those drivers who really ought to have one of these”

“Give it to me… or the bunny gets it!”

“i got the need, the need for speed (and bluetooth conversations)”

“Because I’m about to sit through 3 hours of the worst class ever”

Great stuff, my dear readers. Keep up the good work!

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